About Ríonach

Ríonach Aiken is a poet, personal development teacher and chief executive. She is passionate about using her gifts to support others to become all they can be and live a wholehearted life. For 20 years she has studied personal development, psychology, healing and energy work, while creating a home, nourishing relationship and successful management career. This has taught her how to maintain a practical spirituality in the hurly-burly of modern living. At a critical moment, her life was profoundly altered by a poem that set her on a path to uncovering a new purpose and living a more wholehearted life. Ríonach (pronounced ree-on-ock) is from Ireland and lives in the UK with her beloved husband, Altazar.

Praise for Ríonach’s poetry

Junction is the first anthology from the North Hertfordshire branch of the Poetry Society and hopefully not the last. It contains over sixty thought-provoking poems … This is an intelligent collection, with some outstanding poets. For me, Rionach Aiken has the true poetical quality of finding a tiny incident and linking it effortlessly to the wider world, feelings, purpose, life itself. In “The First Day Back” for example, she cleverly weaves together her own life with the minutiae she notices on her train journey to and from work.

How is it that

even in the most maligned of tasks

life can enter?

When reading “Under the Furrows”, also by Ríonach Aiken, I felt as though I was holding fragments of pottery and standing in her great-aunt’s soot-stained kitchen.

piecing together

a saucer, a side plate, a story.

Reviewed by Bernadette Whiteley for Carillon Magazine Winter 2013

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