Poetry is a container large enough to hold
the entirety of our human experience
and small enough to fit in our pocket

Welcome awakening women and heart-centred seekers

Do you live a full life making a contribution, giving your gifts, enjoying wholesome relationships, taking care of your personal wellbeing, exploring your spiritual purpose and developing your creative expression?

Maybe you have some, but not all of the pieces?

Does this sound like you?

You’ve been working on yourself for some time but still don’t know what it is you really want from life, or how to create it.

You feel somewhat anxious or depressed even though you are a conscious, committed and caring person who has worked on yourself for many years.

You find yourself over-giving and over-doing, struggling to find time and space just for you.

You long for deeper, more authentic connections with others in spite of trying to better your relationships.

You feel called to express your gifts and talents in ways that will make a difference, but have no idea how to realize your deeper potentials.

Please don’t give up. There is a way to thrive, to live wholeheartedly without burning out or trying to be something you’re not.

Living wholeheartedly is a journey, not a destination. It is a daily practice. It asks a lot of you. It means:
• cultivating self-compassion and self-care
• developing a resilient spirit
• becoming empowered and fully responsible in your life
• finding the courage to show up authentically with all your brilliance and flaws
• being willing to embrace uncertainty and not knowing
• learning to trust the small voice of wisdom inside you
• developing your unique expression

There is support available. Thousands of years of wisdom condensed into small, accessible forms that you can carry in your pocket. Poems. Lyrics. Wise words.

How I help

That’s why I specialize in using poetry as a guide to help us live a richer and more wholehearted life. Poetry is a rich resource that can open your heart, lift your spirit, shift your perception, inspire you into action and express your deepest truth.

Recent brain research has demonstrated that good poetry has the power to surprise, to disrupt conventional habits of thought and feeling, triggering deeper feeling and reflective states. Poetry opens us to our emotions and speaks an inner language that awakens us to our own experience, renewing our senses, our compassion, our love of life.

Spending quality time with poems that you love is a healing force, a kind of medicine for what ails you. Poetry, both modern and ancient, offers a wide range of prescriptions in a huge variety of doses: poems to stir us up or calm us down, poems for grief and longing, love and break-ups, alienation and homecoming, poems for fear, courage, depression, elation, letting go, starting over, being quiet and speaking out.

When you work deeply with the right poem at the right time, a kind of internal alchemy occurs. The substance of a powerful poem transmutes the lead of ordinary human difficulties into the gold of compassion, insight and open heartedness.

Learn the alchemy
true human beings know.
The moment you accept what troubles you’ve been given,
the door will open.

                    Rumi (translated by Coleman Barks)

What would I know?

Having spent 20 years exploring all sorts of personal development and spiritual paths while creating a career, marriage and home, I’ve experienced the ups and downs, achievements and burnouts, fulfillments and disappointments that come with living fully and pursuing your dreams. I bet that at some stage I’ve felt the way you do now. I’ve learnt from many great teachers, helped many others and learned to heal and expand myself. Bit by bit I’ve learnt what it takes to live a wholehearted life:

• to know that your life matters – what your heart longs for is what the world needs from you
• to find the courage to face your fears and heal the old stories
• to create and sustain a deliberate and strong intention for what you want to create
• to ask for and be open to receive the support you need
• to step out and become visible as your authentic unique self

It’s my pleasure to share that with you through this site, my writing and teaching. You can learn more about my journey here

If you know you’d like to walk this path, but something is missing or not working yet, then it would be my pleasure to help.

Explore this site, read my blog, jump right in with my free guide, find out how I can help and get the support and guidance you need.

Wherever you are, let’s start there.

To your health, happiness and wholeheartedness